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This service is about you achieving a specific goal at a specific time without the need for ongoing reviews and support. Our fees are therefore ‘one-off’ and whilst the service is very comprehensive, over time it would be considered our lowest cost option.

Service Overview

Based on a  single transaction where straight forward advice is provided and limited to  one need area. The advice is ‘one off’ and no ongoing support is required or provided.

The Benefits to You

Straight forward quick but comprehensive advice. The option always to  develop the relationship to a higher level. Clear known costs at the outset.

Our Proposition

We understand that some clients will require such specific advice and it may be a one transaction client, or it may be a more established client requiring specific advice.

Our Methodology

We will ask for only relevant details. Clear specific advice will be provided. A simplified report will be provided. Risk based investment solutions only. Ongoing support or advice available on a fee basis.


Initial ‘at our cost’ meeting. Necessary telephone contact. Recommendation meeting. Annual provider statement direct.


Reviews available for set fee. See charging structure document for standard fees.

Core Services

  • Focused fact-find
  • Risk profiling
  • Specific analysing
  • Research of existing products where applicable
  • Recommendation of provider and product solution
  • Recommendation of portfolio investment option
  • Assistance in completion of application forms
  • Verification under Money Laundering Regulations
  • Management of submission documents and additional provider requirements
  • Policy documents checked and forwarded
  • All action confirmed in written report