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Wealth Management Service

Often thought of as being the service for those with the most invested this is simply not true. The main differentiator between the Financial Planning and Wealth Management services is the amount of ongoing support and reviews you require. The initial cost under this service is identical to the Financial Planning option, but as you would expect with more ongoing help and support the ongoing cost is slightly higher. The true focus of this service is about most regularly reviewing your plans relevant to your life stages.
As a result we are able to offer flexibility where should your circumstances change you can move between the level of services and the appropriate adjustment to the level of fees would be applied.

Service Overview

This is a comprehensive planning service that will consider and encompass all areas of planning & advice, and is likely to be done in conjunction with other professional services.

The Benefits to You

At this level you are assured that your affairs will receive the maximum attention that we can offer. Your affairs will be pro-actively managed and you will be kept informed of legislative changes that may effect our strategy. Where appropriate you will have face-to-face meetings with any specialist we contract to assist with your planning. This service is very much tailored to meet your specific individual needs built on top of our standard offering.

Our Proposition

We understand that many clients wish to receive bespoke planning services to deal with their complex financial affairs. We will use outside specialists where appropriate to enhance any planning or advice we may offer.

Our Methodology

We will understand your goals, aspirations, and concerns. We will review your risk tolerance and take account of your capacity for any losses. We will use strategic planning to meet your immediate and long term needs. We will offer full reviews every 12 months.


In addition to our Financial Planning Service standard, your tolerance of risk and capacity for loss will be reviewed every 12 months as often your needs will be more immediate. We will keep you appraised of relevant information which may affect your plans either positively or negatively in a proactive way.


All costs are agreed with you from our matrix and include the regular and necessary review process. Whilst unlikely to be necessary, further services can be provided for on a fee basis.

Core Services

  • A full fact-find will be completed
  • Research of existing products where applicable
  • Risk profiling in each product area
  • Specific analysing
  • Recommendation of provider and product solution
  • A report to include recommendation provider and product solution along with portfolio or bespoke investment solutions
  • Verification under Money Laundering Regulations
  • Management of submission documents and additional provider requirements
  • Assistance in completion of application forms and ongoing administration of products
  • Pro-active contact in the event of legislative changes requiring a review
  • Annual update of risk profile and change of circumstance form completed
  • Dedicated telephone service line direct to administrative support offering valuations and service support
  • Budgetary updates and periodic newsletters via email
  • Ongoing communication with product providers
  • Policy documents checked and forwarded
  • All actions confirmed in written report
  • A review service offered annually